Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is This Bright Object Near The Sun An Illusion?
Because It Looks Ominously Real To Me…


If this video is legitimate, I may be becoming a believer...

The bright circle of light next to the Sun in this video can't be Venus or Elenin because, according to all three of my virtual astronomy programs, they are too far away from the Sun right now.

As of 9-20 and 9-21-2011, the Sun was near to a star in the head of Virgo called Zavijava, but it is way too dim to look like this circle of light next to the Sun. So, this circle of light by the Sun is either lens glare or some unknown Sun-like celestial object that no one is being informed about:

IT'S REAL!!! SEPTEMBER 21, 2011:

I honestly can’t tell if this is a hoax or not, so I find this video intriguing. Please watch it and let me know what you think. Do you think it is real, or a clever hoax?

This is a paradigm-shifting moment, because this is the first video I've seen concerning Nibiru or Marduk that doesn't look like a hoax to me. And if it is real, then it is anything but normal and may be a sign of impending judgment.

In fact, it could be the very same fiery object that I saw in my vivid dream in the Spring of 2011 that allowed me to foresee a massive pole shift and crustal displacement of the Earth followed in rapid succession by life-destroying global earthquakes and tsunamis, a fiery meteor shower, a mountainous island that looked like northern Japan sliding into the sea, and an asteroid or comet impact of the Earth that will pollute much of the Earth’s fresh water reserves.

So, if it is, and - IT COULD BE - get ready to meet Yahshua in prayer, and keep looking UP, for our redemption may indeed be drawing very near at the same time that judgment may come upon the whole world!


Your Sister in Yahshua,
Helena Lehman
Pillar of Enoch Ministry


  1. Helena I've enjoyed a couple of your books. I think you would like this video, it is 90 minutes so get comfy. I received this from Chuck Missler's ministry Prophecy News Watch. I've been looking at Elenin for several months now and according the the Nasa JPL site, they consider Elenin coming on several dates next week, the 26th & 27th, Oct 5th and so on. All of which are the season of Fall Feasts. I think he did his homework on this, especially the last segment, which I think you will enjoy his visuals.
    Let me know what you think :)

  2. @ LC, Thank you for sharing the You Tube video link to Seven Theory's presentation on Elenin/Nibiru. I have seen this video already, and have done a few shows covering similar material concerning Elenin long before Seven Theory did his. However, this video that I posted a link to that was taken a day ago (9-20) CANNOT be Elenin (IF the recording date is correct) as it is not near enough to our Sun at the moment.

    Besides, according to several professional astronomers in Australia that can see Elenin right now, Elenin is a fairly small comet that appears to be breaking up, so there is no way that it could ever appear as bright next to the Sun as the object in the video that I posted.

    It also can't be Venus, which is also fairly far away from the Sun right now and isn't ordinarily bright enough to be seen during daylight hours anyway - especially that close to the Sun and not without a special infrared camera lens. However, a similar video of an object by the Sun from 9-15 this year that was shot in Wales could have been Venus - but only IF Venus was a good deal closer to us than it is today:

    The brilliant researcher Immanuel Velikovsky theorized that Venus, which appears to have the remnants of a tail like a comet, could be the remains of the giant comet or planet that Velikovsky thought may have caused the Great Flood. But for Venus to be so much closer today to appear that big in the sky, something catastrophic that astronomers definitely would have seen from Earth would have to have occurred. Since no such thing has been seen - at least as far as we are being told - it can’t be Venus or any other planet or star.

    This bright object by the Sun that appears to be self-illuminated could also be a supernatural image, astral projection, or spiritual energy of some kind that has no natural explanation. Only time will tell.

  3. Hmmm I've seen a couple of video's like this over the last six months, I have no idea if it is real or fake, it is one of those things that I just hold onto until I understand them better. Where I live I can't see anything like that at or around sunset :)

  4. @ LC. I totally agree. As many have proposed, it could be just a very cool illusion caused by reflection. I simply don’t know, and neither does anyone else. It’s still very odd and intriguing, though. :-)


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